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ORÈS : Predictive Maintenance

Go Beyond Preventive Maintenance

Production systems are increasingly complex. Machines and plants are connected and equipped with multiple sensors so that data can be used for greater efficiency.

By using sensor data, industryAnalytics monitors and analyzes the condition of the machines, making these data pools automatically accessible. You’ll be instantly alerted if the recurring operating pattern spots a potential component or system failure. When a problem occurs, a service ticket is issued immediately. Service has the chance to respond on-time and proactively to prevent costly system downtime. 

Predictive Maintenance goes far beyond preventive steps by maintaining machines precisely according to their needs.

Predictive Maintenance, keep it easy

From Cartography to Industrialization, Orès is the expert in Forecast Maintenance.


Our mission at Orès is to give companies access to better productivity.

With "Predictive Maintenance", we enable you to prevent the unavailability of your machines.


By predicting the future, we anticipate the replacement, revision or repair of a material element before it causes damage

Your Benefits:

  • Reduce maintenance and downtime costs on the long run

  • Predict machine and plant downtimes

  • Significantly reduce unplanned downtimes

  • Increase operational safety

  • Ensure system availability

"Predictive maintenance, whether applied to embedded equipment or production tools, is now one of the best solutions for companies to save money and an interesting way to collect data for resale. 

 Philippe Robert Sales Director ENGIE

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