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Unlock the power of you Data

Orès consulting aide les PME Québecoises à mettre en place des techniques avancées de data mining pour améliorer la qualité des décisions stratégiques.

Discover our new predictive maintenance software

At Orès, our mission is to give companies access to better productivity. Thanks to our Predictive Maintenance solution, we enable you to prevent the unavailability of your machines.


By predicting the future, we anticipate the replacement, overhaul or refurbishment of a material element before it causes damage.


Maintenance is evolving like never before and it's happening now. Our role is to accompany you towards this transition

Data collection
Data Cleaning
Value creation 
text mining
Ventes croisés (cross sell)

DataDriven Strategy

You don’t how to start using your data? We provide advices to make data a central component of your company

Predictive Maintenance

Collect, Analyze and use data from various manufacturinf sources to anticate equipment failures before they occur.

Data visualisation

Data vizualisation

A picture is worth a thousand words. We design interactive dashboards to keep an eye on your most important metrics.



Quickly analyse big amount of textual informations. We’ve got algorithms for textual analysis. ​


Clustering segmentation


You need to better understand your clients. We group your clients acording to their characteristics/attributes.​

Web analytics


Demand forecasting, fraud detection or churn prevision. We have statistical models to meet your needs.


You have accumulated a lot of data

You do not know how to take advantage of it

Orès helps you set up advanced data mining techniques to boost your ROI.

We recognize your unique environment and offer customized solutions.


Do not miss the train, get on board with Orès Data Science.



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