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Want to know your clients better. Orès Data Science has powerful tools in clustering. We group your customers according to their characteristics in order to allow you to communicate with them more effectively.

Data Cleaning

Do you doubt the quality of your data?  We offer services to improve the consistency and informational value of your database. At Ores we believe that a clean database is the necessary first step for any further data analysis.

Cross sell

Want to boost your sales? Ores Data Science offer statistical techniques to identify set of items often purchased together and we develop strategy to increase your sales. Increase your sales up to 30%.

Data vizualisation

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Do you feel like you are being drowned in a flood of incomprehensible information? With Ores Data Science, get clear and responsive dashboards to support your strategic decisions.

Text Mining

Want to know your e-reputation? Need to quickly sort a large amount of text? Orès Data Science makes you benefit from the latest technologies in terms of text-mining. Do not waste your time reading everything, call on Orès Data Science!


Which leader would not dream of being able to read the future. Orés Data Science provides you with prediction methods so that you are never surprised by unexpected events:

- Churn prediction.

- Industry 4.0. Prediction of failures before they occur.

- Identification of the most valuable customers in the long term.

And much more…

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